Resurrection 7 Inch

by Jail

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released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Jail Oberhausen, Germany

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Track Name: Live Here And Now!
All this dumbshit that they say
all these images I don't wanna see
all these commercials of things I don't need
all these people being mislead

What the fuck is going on these days?
center of our attention
in everybodys mansion
our minds must be in haze

throw it out! throw it out! throw it out!
throw it out! throw it out! throw it out!

it sucks you up
and grills your fucking brain
stubborn you sit in front of this shit
no motion- this thing is your devotion
your bible in a church of nothing

I can see only one solution,
to end this misery
throw it out! throw it out! throw it out!
take a fucking break!

throw it out! throw it out! throw it out!
end this misery
Track Name: Gezipark 013
When they go out and raise their voices
screaming for a better tomorrow
demonstrating for a civilized world,
longing for social progression, for liberty and freedom

then the pigs come blasting away their idealism.
But they're still standing, protesting peacefully,

their hearts on the right spot, minds still fucking sharp
Just raising their voices for a better place to live

Being persuaded by uniformed thugs, chased down the streets, pushed over by water cannons, blinded by smoke grenades, but still keeping it peacefully!
eventually taken to court, persecuted and unjustified punificated for screaming for liberty

Then I will declare my solidarity!

Track Name: No Limit
Had enough of all this negativity,
Life is hard, (but) FTW's not really true to me
if you say life is shit, then do something about it!

gotta carry on, reaching my goals
I won't miss my chances

when feeling down and out it's hard to break this cycle
won't accept what I think I'm bound to

the limits are far off
take the first step, keep your goals in fucking mind

You should carry the world,
carry the world before one

Is this your fucking limit?
Is this your fucking limit?